About Us

 We are presenting  you with our latest Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Draperies, and Bedroom Décor.We install all our products at reasonable prices.

Draperies are manufactured in many different types, weights, textures, and colors. Here are some of our fabric description:
100% cotton100% polyester50% cotton and 50% polyester90% polyester and 10% linen
55% cotton and 45% polyester60% cotton and 40% polyester100% Dupont Teflon treated
73% polyester and 27% rayon100% poly-trivia flame resistant
50% polyester and 50% rayon permanent press water repellant

Our company can bring you the peace of mind when you leave the worrying to us. Let us manufacture all your Draperies, Venetian Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Shades, Bedroom Decor,  Scallops, Jabots, Valance, Pillows Cases, Bed Sheets, Toilet Decor, Window Dressings and many more.

This is an innovative company which offers many valuable services. Our motto is to bring you many valuable services with satisfaction guarantee. 

For all your sewing needs you can visit us.
Our Seamstress, Designers, Sales Staff, Administrative Staff, Quality Control Officers, Dispatchers, Ground Crew Drivers are all dedicated personnel and are Bonded. We ensure good quality of service to our customers. Our materials are quality manufactured to Canadian standards.
Workmanship are warranted when goods leaving our factory. 

Quality is important to any manufacturer. We emphasize quality throughout each step of our manufacturing process. We also strive to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price to our customers.     

Most Professionals and Designers often start to plan with the largest element in the home, which is the walls. floors, windows, and furnishings. We can help you chose your draperies and help you with ideas throughout our vertical computer display. (Vertical display in location only).

We can adapt  our products to fit specific customer's need. We will work together with you in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome.
We can deliver your product by Plane, Boat, Ship, Ground Transport, and Walking or Running.
There is one thing customers must remember is: Good work takes time.